Our consultants have numerous years of on-the-job experience. In both IT and business administration our consultants have a great deal of expertise, as well as excellent consulting skills and a high level of social competence. They have mastered the art of approaching a task in an analytical and structured manner, asking the right questions at the right times and knowing how much the implementation of new ideas should cost. To ensure that we utilize the latest know-how all employees regularly take part in advanced education courses and seminars, sharing their knowledge and experience within the team. Prior to the start of the project, we will introduce you to a highly competent team – you alone can then decide who will work closely with you to implement our proposals.


Our Management

Jürgen Jacob (Master of Business Administration)
Managing Director

Jürgen Jacob’s core competencies lie in projects focusing on restructuring, re-organizing and M&A. As CFO he is responsible for the Finance, IT, HR and Legal departments and the project business (e.g. Process restructuring, IFRS introduction and SOX implementation). Prior to founding M-Invent GmbH he gained more than 15 years of management experience at multi-national corporations, medium-sized international firms and start-up companies.
Jürgen completed a degree in Business Administration in Munich, specializing in Strategic Management and Controlling.

Jürgen Jacob


Roland Bühler (Master of Computer Science)
Managing Director

His fields of expertise are process analysis, development of IT architecture and solutions, as well as the management and implementation of IT projects. Prior to founding M-Invent GmbH he was responsible for project management and development at international corporations such as IBM, security-specialized bank-data centers and internet start-ups.
Roland completed a degree in Business Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Roland Bühler
  • Development of software architecture
  • Interface between business and IT
  • Development of tenancy capability frontends
  • Linking banks with technical interfaces
  • Fast Close
  • Distribution accounting system

  • Development of software architecture
  • Creating a Web-based, cross-enterprise SSO portal application
  • Acquisition/maintenance of the fund master data
  • Integration document management system
  • Integration Evaluations-/BI-Tools

  • Assistance in developing a new complete banking system
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Developement of all accounting and controlling processes
  • Developement of the Risk Management functionality

  • Development of a web-based, tenancy capability system for overall resolution of restitution in kind, in cases of damage
  • Risk management
  • BilMoG introduction and development of a tool for continuous use
  • Annual financial support
  • Inventory system for Alliance representatives and agents
  • Net Promoter Score NPS - development of the systematic integration of the HRD to the alliance NPS system and administration of the NPS cases
Allianz Handwerker Services

  • Support for the introduction of a system-based hedge accounting
  • Requirements Engineering

  • Software architecture and development of tenancy capability Mondial extranets
  • Development of the financial module for new business software
  • Redesign IT Infrastructure Servers and Network
  • Project Lead "low-cost location"
  • Support for the calculation of migration and legal protection issues

  • Introduction of Fast Close
  • Analysis, redesign of the accounting and treasury processes
  • Introduction to the organization

  • Software architecture and development of a control system for engineering applications
  • RAD-implementation within Grails framework
  • Development of an iPhone app for mobile facility manager
  • Overall responsibility from concept to deployment and commissioning

  • Extraction of the financal parts of the Monolith Miracle with the aim of being able to edit both assistance systems (Miracle and Unity) simultaneously
  • Precursor for the development as a Unity module.

  • Tendering platform
  • Backend and connection to the central user management
bayerische börse

  • Coordination and operational management of an acquisition
  • Assistance in running processes (including outsourcing of accounting processes to lower cost countries)
state street bank

  • Assistance with the insourcing and due diligence of a service provider